Let me introduce myself

Hello dear visitor, welcome to my website, my blog about Miniature Scale Modelling. Let me start by introducing myself.


My name is John van Pelt, I was born in 1969 and I live in Haaren, a small town in the south of Holland with my wonderful wife Diane, who runs a hairdressing and beauty shop.

I am working as a CPO for the Dutch Government in the health care sector, and besides scale modelling, I have a special interest for movies, cooking (and eating) and running. We have no kids, no pets, only each other and our friends and family which is more than enough!


Just started modelling back in 2008, picking things up where I left them when I was 12 years old. Back in those days I was captured by the famous annual Tamiya Magazine and all the eyecandy I saw in this colorful book. My only tools were a cutting knife, glue and some green and black paint. What a world of difference when I picked up the hobby 24 years later!


In 2008 I sort of re-started modelling, making of course all the newbie mistakes. Things went really fast when I joined the Scale Model Factory and had the chance to ask questions and get helpful tips and tricks. My favorite period is WWII, the typical camouflage uniforms of the german soldiers, but I also have an interest for other periods like the Medieval or more Modern stuff. My favorite modellers are Bill Horan, Calvin Tan and Man Jin Kim. I also admire the Dutch painter Marc van den Oever.


In 2011 I started concentrating more on figure painting, wich I believe is a totally different ballgame compared to building and weathering tanks. My favorite medium is oils, I really like the possibilities it gives me, the blending. Nowadays I guess 80% procent of my time is spend on figure painting and 20% on vehicles.


I really hope you all enjoy my website, my work. Happy modelling!


John van Pelt.